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When it comes to capturing the perfect moment, Hei Sip is the go-to photography and videography service provider. Its founder Kaho has almost ten years of experiences and he is a true professional who is passionate about what he does and will work tirelessly to produce high-quality visuals that are sure to impress all his clients.

Behind the brand

Hi! My name is Kaho Kwok and I am a self-taught photo and videographer. I especially love to capture different moments of people and their important events. I like to try new things and to some extent also to break traditions, as you could probably conclude from my works. I have often been described as precise, systematic and likeable.

I got my very first digital camera back in 2002, but then I was not really interested in photography that much and the camera was only like a nice to have of thing to me.  In 2008 a vacation trip to Hong Kong changed my attitude towards photography forever. I saw several portraits captured by my aunt's husband with his pro-level equipment and my brain literally popped-out of my head. All the fine details, emotions, shadows caught my attention and I started being interested in portrait photography.

After several suggestions and proposals, I founded my very first company in 2015.

It was very clear to me since the beginning that I am going to focus on weddings because during the wedding day I can learn so much from different couples and their love ones about relationships. Alongside taking photos and videos I constantly observe people's behaviour and the relationships between them. It is like finding the formula for complex equations of life and through the viewfinder it is absolutely fascinating. 

Now after eight years, I wanted to change the name of my brand to tell more than only like to capture things. Liking is simply not enough to describe my passion towards this calling, so I ended up with Hei Sip 喜攝. "Hei" itself means happiness and Hei Sip can be directly translated to capturing happiness or love to capture. If you don't quite get the meaning now, please don't worry. Eventually you will understand the meaning when you have seen me working with the cameras.

What is different? was mainly focusing on weddings, but starting next year 2024 I will start adding more efforts on providing my services to different companies and I will focus a bit more on video side. One of my humble wishes is to help new starters to be seen with my photography and videography visuals. However this does not mean I will be doing less weddings, but I will expand my shooting activities more widely and my passion and attitude towards every Customer stay at least 110% level. So, if you are a new starter please do not hesitate to contact me to figure out something special for you!

Hei Sip photo and videographer.

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